Phillip Gooch

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Web Application Development

Work Experience

Leafly; Software Engineer 2019 - 2020

Worked on a company rebranding project incorporating designs from an outside consulting firm and feedback from user testing to create a new strain finding experience backed by scientific data and user submitted content.

  • Built a playlist system working closely wit the API team to build out the necessary endpoints pairing it with a WordPress plugin for content to manage and update lists.
  • Updated React applications to implement new functionality and adjust existing features based on user feedback and SEO analysis.
  • Crafted a new custom WordPress theme to match the new company branding standards while supporting numerous existing legacy plugins time for a brand refresh.
  • Worked closely with the content team to create new features and re-implement existing features that were initially created without the proper resources.
  • Planned out feature work to upgrade an the outdated WordPress site to the newest current version with plans to convert it into a headless CMS.
TUNE; Web Developer 2015 - 2017

Built WordPress support sites and continued to maintain them throughout product changes. Maintained branding and company visual style guidelines, updated theme as the guidelines evolved over time.

  • Merged two Zendesk support accounts into a single WordPress site maintaining categorization to provide a single gateway for both clients.
  • Created new features to improving upon and streamline writing, updating, searching, and article categorization.
  • Developed custom API builder for multiple different API systems allowing clients and the support team to test API calls and build new calls.
  • Helped designed new features and templates with marketing for the main company website to ensure release before company event deadline.
American Marriage Ministries; Lead Programmer 2013 - 2015

Worked as the project head for an expansive site redesign moving from a previously built WordPress site to a new custom site.

  • Converted WordPress based online store to a custom storefront while maintaining previous orders for record keeping.
  • Built a custom fulfillment system that generates documents and paperwork depending on items ordered and options selected.
  • Tested site for across numerous browsers and devices for a consistent experience across all platforms.
PGI Auto; Lead Web Developer 2011 - 2013

Built WordPress sites for dealerships before changing focus to plug-in development in order to provide a better use experience. Eventually created and was in charge of maintaining an employee portal and Craigslist posting tool.

  • Designed themes and developed plugins used in numerous clients WordPress websites.
  • Created an employee portal that allowed teams to log hours, plan visits and callbacks.
  • Built an ad posting and analytics tool to automate posting of ads to Craigslist and kept it up to date across numerous Craigslist changes.
Future Ranking; Web Developer 2010 - 2011

Worked on converting design comps into osCommerce and WordPress plugins while working on client training and reporting tools. Continued work as an on-call designer when the need arose.

  • Themed and modified osCommerce sites to meet client needs.
  • Built a client training portal that allows account representatives to monitor client progress, set personal goals, and share private documents in a secure manner.
  • Facilitated large scale server migration and began work on WordPress based osCommerce replacement with the end goal of migrating all clients.


Associate of Technical Arts (ATA) for Multimedia Web Design
Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) for Digital Illustration

Graduated with Honors
Everett Community College Everett, WA